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Our operation department consists of a department head with 10 years of experience in China, Japan, Korea near-ocean line operation, 8 years of experience in ocean line operation, and 5 staffs with 3 years of experience in operation, graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, who are well versed in all matters and details in both owned ship operation and chartered ship operation. With a perfect training, reward and punishment system and the opportunity to visit the terminal and ships, we aim to build a team of operators who are well versed in nautical matters, ship equipments, cargo loading and unloading operations, stowage and lashing, and shipping contracts, and make constant efforts to do so. Until now, the operation department has operated more than 30 chartered vessels as well as 3 owned vessels to fulfill the voyage tasks all year round. We have served customers all over the world, and we are not only highly acclaimed in China's shipping circles, but have also established long-term and solid relationships with customers in Canada, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and West Africa.