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Our chartering department is composed of experienced captains and professional charterers, who are familiar with all kinds of ship information and the nature of various cargoes, proficient in chartering contract terms, we also have a perfect chartering contract system and global chartering market monitoring platform, by which we are able to know the fluctuation changes of the global chartering market in time. in addition this,we have the resources of the head shipowners, the second shipowners, and the ship brokers in the global scope. The total number of V/C/TCT/PERIOD voyages reached by the Chartering Department each year is up to more than 40, involving North America, South America, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Middle East, Europe and other regions. The cargoes transported on these voyages include bulk dry bulk cargoes such as coal, gypsum and fertilizer. General cargoes such as steel, equipment, vehicles, tons of bags. Engineering projects such as wind blades, towers, railroad tracks, etc., totaling more than 800 cargo categories. We always adhere to the rigorous and comprehensive work attitude for all the charter parties to agree on the modification of the terms and conditions of the charter party, on the basis of strictly guaranteeing the safety of the cargo and the safety of the ship, to achieve the goal of cooperation and mutual benefit.